mannequin SC-1W white children 2 heads 130cm Maximize

mannequin SC-1W white children 2 heads 130cm

SC-1W kind

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Height: 130cm
Shoulder width: 30cm
Chest: 64cm
Waist : 56cm
Hip : 68cm

high quality white attractive and elegant child doll
Two heads included! (Egghead, young head with eyes and moderated hair)
Material made of environmentally friendly PE plastic, odorless, recyclable, stable and robust.
The doll does not rub off.
a second head is included.
Arms and head can be rotated 360 degrees
5 parts can be dismantled (body, 2 heads, arms with hands)
Metal base plate with calf mandrel (shoes can be put on)
Scope of delivery: disassembled mannequin with metal plate, second head