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YF13-F with 2 free wigs

Mannequin with 2 wigs free, environmental protection PE plastic, arms and head movable, metal plate

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Height: 175cm
    Shoulder width: 40cm
    Chest: 82cm
    Waist circumference: 61cm
    Waist circumference: 86cm

    high quality attractive and elegant mannequin
    Two wigs included for free! (1X short smooth blond / gray, 1X black long smooth with pony)
    Material made of environmentally friendly PE plastic, odorless, recyclable, stable and robust.
    The doll does not color.
    Arms and head rotatable 360 degrees
    6 parts dismountable (upper body, head, arms, hands and legs)
    brown eye color and beautiful light skin color
    Beautiful face with "real" eyelashes and impeccable make-up
    Metal stand plate with calf thorn (shoes can be pulled on)
    Scope of supply: disassembled mannequin with metal plate, two wigs