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Male DM1-8D Mann Abstract Showcase Doll Electroplating Head Hands New Black

Abstract black matt lacquered dolls doll - head and hands are made of electroplating

DM1-8D Mann

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DM1-8D Mann

149,90 €

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Male puppet doll

     Body size: 190 cm
     Shoulder width: 47 cm
     Bust: 99 cm
     Waist circumference: 80 cm
     Waist: 98 cm

Female shop window doll

     Height: 176 cm
     Shoulder width: 40 cm
     Bust: 86 cm
     Waist circumference: 63 cm

     Waist circumference: 89 cm

     Virgin / original packaging
     First class high quality
     7 parts separable (arms, legs, hands and upper body)
     Beautiful abstract face from electroplating hands are also made of electroplating
     Beautiful lacquered black skin color in matt
     Material twill: PE plastic
     Metal stand with calf mandrel. shoes can be attached to the calf
     Scope of delivery: disassembled scarf doll (without clothes, wig and jewelery) Metal plate, calf thorn, original packaging