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Abstract continuous black matte man woman sporty chic fashion shop window doll

High quality beautiful abstract black painted scarf doll. Constantly.

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Mrs. PF-O-8
    Height of body: 178 cm
    Shoulder width: 41 cm
    Bust: 85 cm
    Waist circumference: 62 cm
    Waist circumference: 87 cm
    Man PM-O-8
    Height of body: 189 cm
    Shoulder width: 48 cm
    Bust: 96 cm
    Waist circumference: 73 cm
    Waist circumference: 88 cm


    Constant, perfect for presentation of sports fashion
    Brand new and original packaging
    First class quality
    Divisible into 7 parts (arms, legs, hands and upper body)
    Beautiful abstract face. Egghead - Faceless
    Beautiful black lacquered skin color in matt
    Material of acrylic glass fibers
    Metal stand with foot and calf mandrel. Provides for two standing positions (shoes can be pulled at the calf)
    Scope of delivery: disassembled scarf doll (without clothes, wig and jewelry) metal plate, foot and calf thorn, original packaging